Naming the Date

Before doing anything else the date and time of your wedding must be arranged.

You can make enquiries in church after Sunday worship (at 9.30am or 6pm) or contact the Parish Office – Pauline West (023 9249 2129) or email:

Fill in the application and make sure you give your telephone number. You will receive a confirming letter after you have made the booking.

Please note that there is a coffee morning in St. Faith’s on the first Saturday in the month between 10am and 12-noon.

The Banns

The Banns must be read in any Church of England Parish Church involved (even if you have a Roman Catholic or Free Church background).

Banns cannot be read until three months before your wedding, and must be read in each Parish Church where the parties live.

This may mean going to the other Vicar(s) involved and hearing the banns read on at least one of three successive Sundays. They do not have to be read out on the same day in each church.

Your wedding cannot take place unless the Vicar who is marrying you has your Banns certificate beforehand.

The Interview

You must have a wedding interview, one or two months before the wedding takes place when we arrange the practical details.


There will be a rehearsal (lasting thirty minutes) in the church to get the footwork right, before the wedding.

The bride and the groom are essential for this, but the best man, bridesmaids and parents are much appreciated.

Banns certificates from other churches and fees will be received at the end of the rehearsal.

What will it cost for a wedding in St. Faith’s Church?

Church Commissioners raise the fee each year.  For 2019 the costs are:

Calling of banns (£30), wedding service (£455). marriage certificate (£11): 

Total Basic Wedding Cost: £496.

Please make cheques payable to St. Faith Church PCC, Havant.

Optional fees in addition to Basic Cost:

 Organist: £80.  Choir: £100 

Bells:  £100.  

Flowers: One Pedestal: £30 (see below).

There is an additional charge for video recording inside the church and a charge for heating during the winter months.

Please note that should you live in the Parish and require your banns to be read in St. Faith’s but are getting married in another church the cost is £43 (that is, £29 for the reading of the banns plus £14 for the certificate) – see below.

What about the flowers?

Church members expertly arrange flowers in the church each week. If you wish for additional arrangements, we are happy for you to arrange for this with your florist.


Photographs may be taken coming in and going out of church and during the signing of the register. They are not permitted during the service and you are asked to make this clear to enthusiastic relatives! Video recording is permitted, provided operators strictly obey the guidelines about where to stand.

What about the Service?

Start by exploring the meaning of Christian marriage using the service book, before you think about hymns, etc.

The assumptions about the meaning of marriage in the service, and in the Bible, may be quite different from the views expressed in popular music, magazines or TV ‘soaps’.

With the pressure of today’s world, if your marriage is to be a strong one, then you must let God into your plans, your hopes, and your fears too.

Only Jesus Christ, by His Spirit living in us, can give us the strength to love and go on loving.


It is usual to have a hymn of praise at the beginning, a hymn of dedication in the middle, after the sermon, and a hymn of looking forward to the future at the end. The exact arrangement and number of hymns is negotiable – two or three hymns is normal. Choose hymns that your families and friends will know.

Familiar, cheerful hymns will set the tone of the whole wedding day. We have a hymnbook covering most styles of music. You are free to borrow hymn and service books to decide.

Organ Music

The organist will play suitable voluntaries before and after the service, and during the signing of the register. You may need to provide your own sheet music if we do not have it. If you wish to provide your own musicians of any kind, full organist’s fees are still payable to the church and permission must first be sought.

Printed Order of Service

You are strongly encouraged to make your own Order of Service – it is your day, so make every effort to contribute to the ceremony. Rough proofs of the order of service should be agreed with the Vicar presiding over the ceremony. Make sure that they are available in the church at least half an hour before the service begins.

But most importantly

We offer our best wishes for your wedding and your future happiness.

Canon Tom Kennar


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St. Faith Church Boundaries

Please note that banns of marriage is generally offered to parish residents (or regular church members) within the parish boundaries

To check whether you live within the boundaries please go to the Church of England website at and put in your post code – this will tell you which parish you live in

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