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Here is the current position regarding the Corona Virus Crisis, as it pertains to St Faiths (as at 2 July 2020):

2 July Statement

All public services of worship are currently suspended, and all parish buildings have been closed.  The Rector is ‘live-streaming’ worship at regular intervals.  For links and access advice, and latest news, please go to Livestreamed Services

Regular magazines and publications throughout the Crisis can be found at this link: Weekly Newsletters

All church-run social gatherings are suspended, including (but not limited to) Little Seeds, TAT, the Bible Course, Bell-ringing, lunchtime concerts, soup lunches, etc.  However, social interaction continues between our members and friends in the new Facebook group, ‘St Faith’s Members and Friends’.

All concerts and special events are suspended, including the Wurzels concert (May 2nd) which has been postponed, provisionally, to October 17. Tickets purchased for the previous date will be accepted at the new date.

All parish buildings are now closed until further notice, to prevent them becoming agents of spreading the virus.

All parish staff (except the Rector) are now on ‘furlough’ (meaning that they remain members of staff, but whether we can pay them will depend on the generosity of the Government’s relief programmes, and the generosity of members and friends).

Financial Crisis

This crisis has quickly proved to be a crisis indeed for the parish, especially financially.  The loss of income from Pallant Centre rents and the parish events will have a profound effect on our budget, and our ability to meet our obligations and pay our staff.  Frankly-speaking, much of our work in this parish and community will be put in jeopardy.  All our regular givers are warmly invited to consider how they can best support the finances of the parish at his time.

Those who already donate via the Parish Giving Scheme are warmly invited to check out how to modify their regular giving at this link.

Online donations can be made (with or without Giftaid) via the ‘Donate’ page (also found at this link: )

Cash or Cheque payments can be left in the Rectory post-box (a black metal box on the right-hand side of the Rectory porch).  The Rectory can be found at 5 Meadowlands, Havant, PO9 2RP.  We would prefer you to not ring the bell or knock the door, to prevent accidental contagion.  But by all means contact the Rector by phone or email to let him know if there is a donation to collect promptly from the mailbox.  (He’ll be wearing gloves!)

Thank you!

A prayer for use during the Corona Virus Crisis:

Dear Lord,
Grant us the grace to see your hand at work in the present crisis.
Help us to respond to the challenges it presents with love and creativity.
Grant the gift of your presence to all who are anxious and afraid,
to all those who are taken ill, and to those who lose their loved ones before their time.
Give strength to the frontline workers of our health service,
and to all who extend the hand of help and support to others at this time.
Help us to resist the temptation to become fearful,
Help us to reach out with love,
and to shine your light into the darkness.
These things we ask in the name of your Son,
our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

An anthology of readings and prayers for use during a time of bereavement
can be viewed by clicking here.